"$porty $pice"

Those Girlss X Christina Cash Fitness... 
Scroll down and take a peek at our latest collaboration with fitness and life style coach Christina Cash ( @christinacashfit) and photographer Louis Rideout (@callmerideout). We created three different outfits that where inspired by Christina's vibrant and fun personality.  We styled her in a mixture of vintage and modern clothing and layered her in  bold prints and vibrant neon colors to create a sporty and flirtatious look .


- Editorial Details  -

Model:Christina Cash
Instagram: @christinacashfit
Photographer: Louis Rideout
Instagram: @callmerideout
Makeup & Makeup: Claire Jansen
Instagram @claire_a_bellaaa
Clothing and Styled By: Those Girlss
Instagram: @thosegirlss_ 

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