Vintage Files! A Brief Visual History Of Men In Crop Tops

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A Brief Visual History Of Men In Crop Tops

According to the blog, Crop Tops Are For Guys, The crop top movement has been going strong since the 1970's.  Originally, the cropped shirt was created "by men for men" in early 70's when weight lifters began cutting off the bottom of their shirts to gets around Gym dress codes that banned shirtless men.... sneaky, sneaky!

 -Bruce Jenner wears a crop while hanging with the village people in the 70's"

 In the 1980's crop tops began to take off in men's fashion when name brand clothing retailers such as Nike marketed cropped t-shirts and sports jerseys to teens and young men. 

- Prince and other famous Hollywood heartthrobs played a huge role in the popularity of the trend among males throughout the 80's and 90's -

- Corey Haim shows a stretched belly in his Teen Beat spread- 

 Adolofo Quinones wear a checkered crop in Electric Boogaloo -

  - Johnny Deep shows off his tummy in the 1984 film Nightmare on Elm Street -

- Apollo Creed rocks a crop in Rock III -

- Adam Sandler wears an MIT crop with some layered puka shells-

- Unknown highschooler from the 80's wears a crop to school-

 - An 80's athlete poses from the camera in a UCLA crop- 

 - Ted rocks out in his holey, pre Kanye crop in the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure -
- In the 90s Will Smith embraced the crop during his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days -

 - Spike shows off in a crop in the film Little Giants -

- Mark Whalberg models a crop alongside the beautiful Kate Moss in a Calvin Klein campaign-

- A random lifeguard shows off his abs in a powerbar crop at the beach-
                                                  -Ginuwine, Oh So Fine!-

 - Lenny's Kravitz isn't afraid to rock out with his stomach out-



- Kid Cudi wear a red crop top at a concert in 2014 -

 - Zac Eferon wears a dareing fringe crop top around the set of his film Dirty Grandpa-

-Ezekiel Elliot of the cowboys wear a button up crop to the red carpet-

- Astrid Andersen debuts men crops in his Spring Summer 2014 menswear collection -

- Our Thoughts -

While it's nice to get a look at a rock hard mid driff, personally we're not the biggest fans of this trend. It's nice to see some stomach, but a full on crop on a guy belongs in the gym. But hey..then again, you should wear whatever makes you feel good! What do you think? Should men crop tops make a come back or nah?

Bonus! A BuzzFeed video about men on crop tops 

All photo source: crop tops are for guys

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