Nightcap: Vintage Lingerie

"Most of the earliest pieces are by unknown makers; many from the past 100 years are from famous designers like Rudi Gernreich, Christian Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier. The general trend is toward high-end luxury." (NYTimes)

After a month of being completely clueless, we've discovered FIT's (Fashion Institute of Technology)  "EXPOSED: A History of Lingerie" ONLINE Exhibition, and boy oh boy did we get a FREE treat :) Check out the exhibit here!
Lingerie has inevitably changed over the decades that have passed. While FIT hit all of the major decades in which the lingerie game "changed", here are a few of our favorite "styles" of sexy undergarments that have been introduced throughout lingerie's "life"

1920s & 30s: Sleek & Natural
 1940s & 50s: Petticoats & Garter Belts
"Exposed: A History of Lingerie is organized by Colleen Hill, associate curator The Museum at FIT. A book to accompany the exhibition will be available in fall 2014 from Yale University Press, and will feature over 70 full-color photos of objects featured in the exhibition." (

1960s & 70s: Fun & Flirty
Rudi Gernreich
70s Victoria's Secret Lingerie Ad
 1980s & 90s: "Erotic"
Appolonia 6
Jean Paul Gaultier
Oh, goodness. The temperature has definitely risen from about five minutes ago!!! Can we get a "yasssssss beeetchhhhh" one time?!! We haven't discovered nearly as many of the historical "intimate" pieces from the past decades, however; take a look at some of the Vintage Negligee's we have listed in our closet below :)



Size L
Size M
Because we've been finding some really great Vintage Victoria's Secret Lingerie, we thought we'd drop a Vicky Secret FUN FACT on ya! 
***Victoria’s Secret was founded to appeal to men shopping for ladies' lingerie***

Hope you had a sexy read :) Make sure you have a very sexyyyy night ladies :)) Oh and if you haven't, be sure to check out the History of Lingerie Exhibit on FIT's website…when you get the chance, of course ;)

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