"Baby Blues"

The Those Girlss Beauty Team linked up with photographer @ohthatsdubs to create a beauty editorial of everyday wearable hair and makeup looks for anyone that is looking for something unique and playful.  

 Models were styled in re-vamped vintage denim and they used copper, blue and grey as their color palette. Inspired by the rope texture of braids, industrial blue grey tones, denim and the shoot location; a warehouse located in Cincinnati's historic neighborhood Over The Rhine.  "This editorial is a reflection of how  the city life and history rooted in Cincinnati" (Allexis, Lead MUA Of Those Girlss) 

 Keep scowling below for more photo magic ...


Model: Jenna // Hair and Make Up By Ronnie @artistrybyronnie

* Jenna's rope braids was inspired by Dej Loaf's hair style on the cover of her album for her new single, No Fear


Model: Bri // Hair By Brenteshia @bpn_givebeauty2 // Make Up By Allexis @makeupbyallexis



 Model: Shaq// Hair By Brenteshia @bpn_givebeauty2 // Make Up By Allexis @makeupbyallexis 

* For Shaq's look we wanted to break barriers between masculinity and femininity. We straightened his hair and gave him a line up. We also dusted him all over with gold glistening highlight and made him the only male model in our glamour shoot.

 Model: Kristian // Hair By Ronnie @artistrybyronni // Make Up By Allexis @makeupbyallexis 

Editorial Details 
Models (in order from appearance): Jenna, Bri, Shaq and Kristian
Instagram: @uhjennalynnrush // @theplugsdaughter_ // trippy_s // @weirdo_fromtheislands
Photographer: Dubs
Instagram: @ohthatsdubs
Makeup: Allexis and Ronnie
Instagram @makeupbyallexis // @artistrybyronnie
Hair: Ronnie and Brenteshia 
Instagram: @artistrybyronnie // @bpn_givesbeatuy2
Clothing and Styled By: Those Girlss
Instagram: @thosegirlss_ 
Lead Stylist: Allexis (MUA) and Asia (Clothing) 

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