"Through The Looking Glass"

 We're super excited share these photos from our latest  collaboration  with Christina Cash of @c3movemountians and @Aesthicvisions. Styled in a velvet jumpsuit and our vintage leopard coat, it was important to us to keep the looks fun and flirty to reflect the girls bubbly personalities. Be on the look out for more collaborations as we partner with @c3movemountians on more editorials  and also fitness and wellness tips for the Those Girlss blog! 

Editorial Details: 

Model(s): Christina Cash and Emily Blose
Instagram: @christinacash_  @emblose
Photographer: @aestheticvisions

Styling and Clothing Provided By: Those Girlss
Instagram: @thosegirlss_
Lead Stylist: Asia L

Thanks for viewing!
 Those Girlss

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