Woman Crush Wenesday: JellyWolf by Alma Har'el

" It's time to glow in the dark together"
The Fifth Sense

What would it be like to have a fifth sense and how would it alter how we perceived reality? IFilm- maker Alma Har'el does a beautiful job of  exploring this idea in her new short film JellyWolf,  which was inspired by CHANEL NÂș5 L'EAU perfume. The film stars actress's Kiersey Clemons (DOPE) and Lisa Bonet (The Cosby Show) and draws you in with its futuristic setting, neon colors and bold statement pieces like the amazing flower coat Kiersey wears in the lemon pool .

 Har'el explains that JellyWolf was inspired by the political and social debate happening today as well as being inspired by Synethsesia."I was inspired by Synesthesia, a condition that gets your senses to cross paths, and my need to portray women in a new light. This is a trippy love letter to women who need to heal so they can find their voices."

JellyWolf is a "hypnotic mythological tale"  about a young women who experiences smells in  psychedelic "visions and visuals inspired by a feminine-spiritual coming of age story." (Paste Magazine)  JellyWolf is also about history, women empowerment and beautiful relationship between smell and memory. JellyWolf is a tribute to female strength and about how our experiences connect us. Through  Kiresey's experience of smell  not only can she  experience visions but time has become  linear as she narrates her grandmothers coming of age story; while experiencing her own with Lisa Bonett acting as her spiritual guide.  

 ** About the collaboration with Chanel, the filmmaker said: "I also wanted to explore this gray area between content and commercials. I always want to bend any genre and question any definitions I can. I think that brands like Chanel who trust artists the way they trusted me with this film are leading the way". (thefifthsense/I.D.)

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