Tune In Tuesday! Amandla Covers Mac DeMarco's "Let My Baby Stay"

Song: "Let My Baby Stay"
Who/Artist: Amandla Stenberg
When: Released on May 10th as a single on the soundtrack for her new movie Everything, Everything. Amandla sings a funky and soulful cover of "Let My  Baby Stay" by Mac DeMarco'. 
Why this is our jam: "Let My Baby Stay" needs to be on your summer playlist. We just love Amandla! She's like a breath of fresh air in this misogynistic culture of today's mass media, she is  black girl magic.  Her vocals, the synthesizers and the overall mood of her first single is reminiscent of the 80's and Solange's Saint Herons album. We cant wait to hear the other tunes she has in store for us. Thank you Amandla for blessing our ears and eyes with wonderful aesthetics and sounds. 
Fun Fact: Creative Girl! Amandla directed and edited her video.  

"I sneaky snuck one of my favorite songs, Let My Baby Stay by @macdemarco into a scene in Everything, Everything coming out next week," the post begins. "Thank you to stand up man & pepperoni playboy Mac for blessing our movie with this song. That lil seed blossomed into my own cover of it recorded for the soundtrack and produced by @levenkali. Music video directed and edited by yours truly up on VEVO at midnight EST !!!"

 photos from Dazed

+ Watch Below +


Tell us what you think? Is this a summer hit or what? 

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