Vintage Files: Grace Jones and Keith Haring


Who: Grace Jones and Keith Haring
When: The 80's
For: The 1986 Film Vamp, Grace Jones single "Im Not Perfect" and More.
Why We Love Them: As fans of the postmodernism movement and pop art; to us, this is one the best and most influential collaborations in the 20th century. We wish we could time travel to spend at least one day with these two and Andy Warhol's Factory crew
Fun Fact:  Andy Warhol introduced Keith to Grace Jones. "He thought that hers was the
ultimate body to paint — Grace embodying both primitive and pop, Harings
obsessions." (



Grace Jones in her Keith Haring painted skirt in I’m Not Perfect (1986)

Grace Jones Music Video for "Im Not Perfect (but Im perfect for you) ft Andy Warhol and the art of Keith Haring.


Grace Jones, dancing as Katrina in "Vamp" (1986)

Keith Haring, dress for Grace Jones for her performance during her new year's eve concert at Roseland Ballroom New York City, December 1987.

Grace Jones painted by Keith Haring, photo by Robert Mapplethorpe, 1984.

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