Vintage Files! "The History Of Hype"

Vintage Files! Unreleased Photos of Hip Hop Legends for V Magazine

WHO Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, Kelis, Bow Wow,  Kayne West, Jay - Z, Lisa Lopes aka Left Eye
   PHOTOGRAPHER/ CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Creative Legend ,  Hype Williams
   For: V Magazine's 2012 The Music Issue 75  

Fun Fact: Hype Williams is a music video and film director. He has directed numerous music videos for artists such as 2Pac ("California Love"), The Notorious B.I.G ("Big Poppa"), Nas ("If I Ruled The World"), Missy Elliot ("The Rain"), TLC ("No Scrubs") and Aaliyah ("Rock The Boat"). Hype Williams is also known for his directing debut in  the 1998 movie Belly. 

“The History of Hype”

Missy Elliott  
July 2000

June 2000

"For many years Aaliyah and I shot stills together, either fashion spreads or at spur of the moment events, like random private parties. Her face and her eyes captivate you instantly, that's her power. She knew how to draw you in."- Hype Williams on Aaliyah

Lil Bow Wow 
New York, 2001

Kanye West

"Kanye is an anomaly. He's more filmmaker to man than musician. We've worked together for so long. I've watched him develop his own true mastery over all things visuals. I really feel his true gift isn't his talent in making music, but his ability to learn. He's like a sponge." -Hype Williams on Kanye West

July 2000

"Kelis was amazing to work with on the photo shoot, a complete risk taker. She dyed all the hair on her body green just to say in character!" - Hype Williams on Kelis

July 2000

"Jay is one of the premier artist of our time. A purist, with no regret in his approch to his craft. His words have helped to shaped a geneation." - Hype Williams on Jay Z

 Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

"Left Eye was a creative genius and a true friends. To me, she represented the backbone of TLC. She was the one who would show up at the meetings with all her storyboards planned out, the costumes designed and drawn up, colors picked. She doesn't get the credit she deserves for the success that happened."-Hype Williams on Lisa Lopez

Photos: Courtesy of “V” magazine

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