OutFIT Of The Day: TOMBOY!

"Who Dat? .... That Girl Is A Tomboy" 


   The OutFIT Of The Day is all about that 90's tomboy style. Achieving this 90's look is fun and simple. Throw on your favorite oversized sports team jersey and pair it with some biker shorts; like the ones from American Apparel. To find authentic 90's jersey head your local thrift shop or better yet check out your boyfriend's closet. You can also shop these look in our vintage closet <3

 "Tomboys are confident, rebellious, and adventurous. They are bold, brazen, fierce--and sexy. They aren't known for following rules, they are known for doing--and wearing--whatever they want." - Lizze Garrett Mettler


Models: Maybelline (Center), Chiara (Right), Tealor (Left)
Instagram: @meyyy_        @chiarameier    @tae_desenuts

Photographer: Rich Visuals
Instagram: @shotbyrichvisuals

Styling & Clothing By: Those Girlss
Instagram: @thosegirlss_
Make Up and Hair by: Makeup by Allexis and Artistry by Ronnie
                   Instagram:         @makeupbyallexis      @artistrybyronnie  

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