TELL ME ABOUT IT Tuesday: Lodinatt, Because I love Myself

Hey Girlss & Guyss,

Happy Tuesday! Todays post is really really exciting. It's review time! ThoseGirlss received a beautiful convertible briefcase compliments of a pretty cool South Korean handbag company called Lodinatt. 

Lodinatt is known for their multipurpose bags. They create bags for us girlss...and guyss who are always on the run and need a bag that can be used for pretty much anything. 

Jade, Co-founder of ThoseGirlss, took our beautiful Lodinatt to the streets of Los Angeles. She shows the versatility through three looks. Check out how she styles it!

Look 1: Headed to Set!
Style: Original Briefcase

Look 2: College Girl
Style: Cross Bag

Look 3: Keep it Right! Keep it Tight! Gym Time!
Style: Backpack
Speechless? We were too after realizing there's actually a 3 in 1 bag out there. It actually exist! It's real!!!! 

And gentleman, you'll appreciate this even more; it's unisex!!! You know what that means. One for her and one for you! Or you could share of course (though I'm sure that'll be easier said than done. Women and bags...we can't help it!)

Gotta have it? Here ya go sugars...Because I love Myself

FUN FACTS about this briefcase:
1. Pockets on pockets pockets for you to store several items.

2. A removable & adjustable shoulder strap. 


4. Theres awesome inner cushion to keep your laptop safe :) (and it doesn't make it bulky. Always a plus)
5.Our favorite feature; it can be used as a BACKPACK, cross bag or tote. You can have it however you like :) The backpack style is definitely our favorite!
Love this bag? Or you're just obsessed with bags like we are! Check out more on
Thanks again LODINATT!!!

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