Woman Crush Wenesday: Madonna by Herb Ritts

Woman Crush Wednesday


 Madonna photographed by Herb Ritts  1990

Blond Ambition Book Tour and More

Fun Facts! Madonna's  Blond Ambition World Tour kicked off on April 13, 1990 (25 years ago) and became the blue print that many young pop artists follow today. Dividing her performances into five thematic categories – Metropolis, Religious, Dick Tracy, Art Deco and Encore Choreographer, Vincent Paterson told People magazine in a 1990 interview that It was his and Madonna attentions to evaluate the concert experience. Just as micheal Jackson had did for music video. "The biggest thing we tried to do is change the shape of concerts. Instead of just presenting songs, we wanted to combine fashion, Broadway, rock and performance art." 

Herb Ritts began his photographic career in the late seventies. He has produced numerous portraits and editorial fashion for Vogue and Vanity Fair he also worked on  advertising campaigns for Calvin Klein, Chanel and others. Beyond photography, Ritts has also directed numerous of  award winning music videos and commercials. In fact The first video he directed  Madonna 's Cherish  in 1989.   

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