Woman Crush Wednesday : Dolly Parton by David LaChapelle for Paper Magazine

Woman Crush Wednesday: Dolly Parton by David LaChapelle
Dolly Parton: Prize Doll

Who: Dolly Parton photographed by David Lacaphelle
For: Paper Magazine by Sophie de Rakoff. Read Article Here.
When: July 1997
"I always kid about "The Dolly," like she's my own creation, but really I created myself years ago and I physically re-create myself everyday. But that's about it."

"The more bizarre people are, the more I'm drawn to them. There's a great personality that runs in my family on both sides that gives us a good sense of humor and a good heart. I've always been curious and nosy and wanted to know more."

"I love being girlie and I love my boobs." 

"It's the one time I can get out and not be recognized. I like to hang out the window and have people yell up at me, "You make a good Dolly!" I've always joked and kidded, saying if I hadn't been a woman I'd have been a drag queen, gaudy as I like to be!"

"The drive for affluence, produced by advanced capitalistic cultures, and the easy access to every kind of consumer good, create the conditions for a kind of compulsive neurosis for accumulation: buying, collecting objects of all sorts, sharing in a limitless network of contacts and interpersonal exchanges are the typical behaviour of Western society that David LaChapelle portrays with a pitiless and ironic gaze."- Section texts by Elena Paloscia

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