Sample Sundays! 1-800-HOTLINE BLING

Sample Sundays

Drake’s hit single HOTLINE BLING has had huge success and has been getting all kinds of love lately from the musical community; being covered and even getting remixed by the Queen of Soul, Miss Erykah Badu. If you haven’t had the opportunity to listen yet to HOTLINE BLING; don’t worry, we got you. Listen Here

The beat from this summer jam  might sound a tad familiar to you and it’s because Drake sampled the beat from the popular  single CHA CHA by Drama.  Ya’ll remember when Beyonce danced to this song? She’s da best and the beat is definitely fire. 



Drake and Drama aren’t the only one’s killing this beat. Disclosure did a live cover with Sam Smith.

Disclosure X Sam Smith Cover

Kehlani and Charlie Puth released a cover of the song earlier this week. 

 QUEEN Erykah Badu also killed the beat earlier this week with her soulful remix of the song. 

So here’s  the tea behind the Badu remix . . .

According to Vulture: "around spring 2014, Drake used to make Erykah Badu's hotline bling often. So often, that he even showed up to her house late one night when he needed her advice on Rihanna; she made tea for him, they "talked about love and what life could really be" for him, and the rest is history. Over a year later, Miz Fat Belly Bella has presumably heard about Drake's latest woes, as expressed in his latest ode to an ex who's moved on. For Drake's sake, she's still sipping her tea, now in the form of a remix to "Hotline Bling,  This story is also told on Drake’s song “Days In The East.” 

Are you digging these samples or nah? We surely are and we want more!

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