#WCW: Charlie's Angels (2000's)

For this #WCW we're covering our favorite undercover outfits of the super sexy vixen spy dream team - Charlie's Angels (2000's) played by Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu.  Fun Fact! The 2000 movie Charlie's Angels is actually a reboot of the popular 1970's TV Show Charlie's Angels (1976-1981) which starred 

 In the movie reboot, the sexy spies perform death-defying stunts while keeping it sexy and stylish in a array of undercover outfits ranging from ball gowns, leather suits and nun habits.  In an interview with LA Magazine,  costume designer Joseph Aulisi said one of the biggest challenges of dressing the Angels was creating clothes that not only looked great but could also withstand "rigorous fight scenes and be able to do high kicks and back flips and wear a harness; So we made the clothes like stretchy dance clothes."

Those Girlss Favorite Charlie's Angels Undercover Outfits

Tokyo Biker Babes

Aulisi said, "This show was a designer's dream. We got to do not only high-fashion and action clothes, but there were so many costumey, fun elements too. We gave a definite nod to the '70s, '80s and 1940s, but we wanted to make it accessible for the modern audience so they felt that they were looking at a contemporary period." 

 All American Girls

+ ALEX +

Lucy Liu's sultry and sophisticated Alex is the brain among the Angels, and Aulisi dressed her in leather and lots of black and red. And her clothes are always form-fitting. Particularly memorable is a black leather bustier Alex wears while baking blueberry muffins in her trailer home. Lucy has this beautiful, long neck, great shoulders, beautiful arms and a small waist," Aulisi said. "So she wears quite a few bustiers." (LA TIMES)

Deadly Nuns

 Aulisi, who has worked on movies such as Die Hard , Twilight, Stepmom and Glitter " only had three weeks to design 3,000 outfits for the entire "Angels" cast, including 50 outfits each for Liu, Diaz and Barrymore.  He worked closely with the script and each actress to come up with the characters' individual looks. (LA TIMES)

Snow Bunnies 

+ NAT +

For Cameron Diaz's gushy and giggly Angel--Natalie--Aulisi aimed to create a vivacious, all-American girl. So her outfits included hippie denim pants and an off-the-shoulder bright-red blouse in a disco scene and a baby T-shirt and Spider-Man briefs in another. Aulisi said he put Diaz in outfits such as shorts to accentuate her long, slender legs and dressed her in halter tops to bring attention to her shoulders.

Sexy Song Birds

Jail House Chic

Skater Chick 

Pussy Cat Dolls

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!


As for Drew Barrymore's fun reformed-rebel character, Dylan, Aulisi said he incorporated the actress' real-life "neo-flower-power fondness for vintage clothes" into the wardrobe. And Aulisi said he believes Barrymore's best attributes are her shoulders and neckline. So he put her in clothes with deep, plunging necklines. In one scene, which is bound to set male teenage hearts aflutter, Dylan goes undercover as a race-car driver and dons a blue jumpsuit that is unzipped to the waist. (LA TIMES)


Wet Suits Heart Breakers 


Which outfits would you wear Undercover?
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