Tune In Tuesday! Laura Callaghan

 Who: Laura Callaghan 
Occupation: Illustrator 
Location: Brighton, Ireland 
Publication: Her work has been published all over the world, in various magazines such as Nylon and Stella Magazine.
Why We Love Her: She Depicts REAL Girls who Have real Curves, Sassy attitudes and they can dress. Also, the details in the illustration are SICK! 

  + TUNE IN to some of our FAVORITE Laura Illustrations Below + 

 Pick Me Up 2015

The Diner

Sad Girls Zine


Riposte Magazine

The Lifted Brow

 The Wall

 We’re not your friendos, we just pretendo, to get a go on your Nintendo

 Urban Outfitters

 The Pool


NYLON Magazine

The Lifted Brow  

First Date

For more of Laura Callaghan Illustrations click HERE to visit her website.

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