RIHANNA x DIOR: Tune In Thursday

Rihanna x Dior
Tune in THURSDAY??? Yes, we know, it's not our usual "Tune In" blogging day, however; we could not NOT post what we read about this morning!

If you your timeline hasn't been flooded with images and links from Rihanna latest campaign spread, oh just wait on it!

Secret Garden IV

The 27 year old bajan beauty is featured in Dior's Secret Garden IV Campaign. The campaign, of course, plays off of Dior's dark and mysterious "vibe". Shot by infamous Steven Klein, Rihanna filled the Palace of Versailles with her silhouettes.

In a weird way the darkness, emptiness and mysteriousness of the campaign makes us think of Batman and the city of Gotham. Is Rihanna in Gotham??? Rihanna as Catwoman??? What do you all think?

FACT: Rihanna is the first African American woman to be a spokeswoman for the french fashion house. (Other faces include: Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence, and Marion Cotillard)

Ri will also star in Dior's fourth episode of the Secret Garden series.

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