Sample Sunday! Drake & Lykke Li

Those Girlss 2

Sample Sunday
Drake & Lykke Li

Do you remember when Drake sampled Lykke Li for his single A Little Bit for his So Far Gone Album in 2009....

3 The Original 3

Lykke li
Little Bit
Youth Novels. 2008

3 THe Sample3

lil Bit
So Far Gone. 2009


Fast forward to several years later both artists will be performing at Coachella this week and Lykke Li has released a Official video of her covering drakes popular Single- Hold On we're going home. 

The Original 3

Hold On were going Home

3 The COVER 3

Lykke Li
Hold ON were going home

We like the back and forth between the two, we just hope its not another several years until another sample or cover happens. Until then....

"Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out"


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