Man Crush Monday! Hot Guys With Kittens

Man. Crush. Monday

"I got what you want (got what you wantgot what you need (got what you need )". In inspiration of Cosmopolitan's Cats & Abs Video (released March 2014), we have scoured the web and have brought to you Hot Guys With Kittens for this Man Crush Monday. 


+ Hot Guys With Kittens + 

Kit Harrington with a cat
Kit Harrigton and his kitty 
chrisbrinleejr from tumblr took his cat Finch on her first camping trip. 
Piercing  Eyes
The old cat on the head trick- drives the girls crazy! 
 Classic! Firefighter and Kitten 

Sam Rockwell with a kitty
Sam Rockwell with a kitty
Norman Reedus aka Daryl with Kitty Cat
Man vs. Cat...who's cutier? 
This old picture is tooooo presh! 
This guy can balance a kitten and drink a beer at the same time, talent!  
Zac Efron with a cat.
Zac Efron photo bothing it up with a little kitty. 

Man and cat
Cowboy and Cat

Gahhh...Unreal! So much cuteness
Hugh Dancy and Cat
Cat: Man’s Real Best Friend!
David Bowie out posed by his cat.
man + cat
Man + Cat + Bath = <3  <3 <3
hot man with cat
<3 Cat Naps <3

Joseph Gordon-Levitt cuddling a kitten. Be still, our hearts<3!
Joseph Gordon- Levitt and kitty

paul newman and cat at the zoo, rebels. 
I Rescued my Human... (Source: beautyhunter, via goths)
Hipster and Cat

More Cat Naps <3

And...noowww  presenting...Cosmopolitans Cats & Abs

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