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Who: Ellinor Olovsdotter  aka Lady Gunn
Stage Name: Elliphant 
Age: 29
Location: Stockholm, Sweden 
Years Active: 2012- Present
Label: TEN Music Group / Kemosabe Records
Why we love her: Triple Threat!  She has incredible style, sound and attitude.

The music of Elliphant (Ellinor Olovsdotter) is blend of ’90s pop, EDM, reggae, alternative hip-hop, and dubstep with an appealingly aggressive swagger. A statuesque Swede, Elliphant, who released her debut album in Sweden in 2013, has collaborated with the likes of Niki and the Dove and Skrillex. 

British producer and singer FEMME (Laura Bettinson) makes electro-pop; she writes, records, mixes, produces, and performs all of her tracks, in addition to directing and producing her own music videos. She was awarded the International Emerging Talent Award at the MUSEXPO Awards in L.A., and was handed the Rising Star Award at the London Music Awards in June. 

Her debut album will be released this spring.  (Interview)

She’s drawn comparisons to M.I.A., but the girl’s got range, at times channeling dupstep, dancehall, andTop 40’s current obsession with chilled-out electronics. (Flavor Wire)

(One More)

"Your real name is Ellinor Olovsdotter, how did you land on Elliphant?
As an artist I knew I didn't want to be Ellinor Olovsdotter, I wanted to keep my safe side, you know? It was one of the first names that came up. 

As a joke, one of my friends said, You should go by Elliphant. I was like, It's kind of cool, but it's more like a joke. But then I had it in the back of my head for a couple of months and it started to feel natural so it stuck. 

There's so much to find in the name: elephants are huge, sensitive, and also a crying animal. It's an animal full of affection and honesty.

If you had to pick three words to describe you as an artist, what would they be?
Naked—like in a spiritual way. Change. I’m going to be constantly making mistakes and changing myself; I think change is a good thing. And nature.

(Only Getting Younger)

You are signed to Dr. Luke's Kemosabe Records. He is a major record producer who has worked with some of the biggest pop stars: P!nk, Avril, Katy, Britney, Miley, Nicki, Rihanna, Shakira, Kesha. What has been the best advice he has given you?

I see it as an uncle relationship. Not a father because he is the father to two beautiful babies and I don't want to spoil that beautiful thing. He is more than just a friend and not really a brother because I respect him a little bit too much to be like, Oh brotha brotha brotha with him all the time. I respect him a lot. On the business side of things I'm very handicapped. I have no idea and it kills my creativity. It kills everything about me to even think about contracts and money and all this stuff. So I'm happy I have someone who has a good eye for this shit.
Let’s talk about your new EP.
I named it One More after the first single featuring MØ. I’m really boring like that. It's a little bit more of my sensitive side with more singing and not so much screaming. There’s one song called STG (Save the Grey). It’s a foundation I'm starting to save the grey animals like elephants, rhinos, whales, sharks, and wolves. It's a very important song on the EP. I’m really proud of "One More" because the whole concept is my own. When I began to write it, I instantly thought I wanted to bring MØ into it. It's cool; It's not laughing, but it's smiling all the way through.
You have been praised by Katy Perry, your new single features MØ, and you are going on tour with Charli XCX. Why do you think other female artists like you so much? And, if you had to pick two female musicians to start your own girl group with, who would you pick?

I don't think that girls necessarily think that I am a threat to them, maybe because I like women. I think I have a bit of an androgynous spirit and I was a man in my previous life. For a girl group obviously I would take MØ, I love MØ. And then I need a fucking good rapper. There’s this really cool girl that I listen to named Rapsody."

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