Vintage Files: Brandi Quinones

Ello Vintage Lovelies!
 Sorry for our absence, we've been busy busy over here at Those Girlss, working hard on couple of projects we have in store for the near feature. In the meantime it's Throwback Thursday! And today we're crushing on 90's mega babe supermodel Brandi Quinones.

Who: Brandi Quinones
Birth date: American Girl-JANUARY 25 1977, in New York City
Era: 90s Supermodel
Where: American Girl- U.S.A
Fun Fact: Brandi was discovered by a scout from the Karin model agency when she was 15 years old.
Why we're crushing!: A top choice for 90's high fashion and street wear companies such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Chanel and Versace this natural beauty captivates us with her edgy vibe. 
Where is she now?: She was at the height of her modeling career from 1993-1996. Mainstream media has no idea what she up to now. The only common speculation is that she feel in love with the co co....



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