Tune In Tuesday! HAIM

Tune In Tuesday!HAIM

Who: Danielle Haim, Este Haim and  Alana Haim and Dash Hutton (Drummer)
AGE: 25(Danielle), 23 (Alana), 27 (Este)
  • Aka:  Haim
Location: Los Angles, California
Sounds Like: 80's Pop with 90s Soul
Fun Fact: They're sisters! Growing up their parents had an amateur cover band, the Mommies & the Daddies and the whole family would perform for charity.
Far Left-Alana Haim, Middle-Danielle Haim, Left-Este Haim
"There is something effortless about the music – and their scruffy, sexy Californian aesthetic – that reflects their deeply shared tastes. They update the sunshine melodiousness of classic Seventies and Eighties American pop rock (Fleetwood Mac, the EaglesTom Petty) with the tricky cross-rhythms of contemporary digital r&b" (Telegraph)
"If I read 'Check out this band; they sound like both Fleetwood Mac and Beyoncé,' I'd be like, What?!" says Danielle Haim, the 25-year-old lead vocalist and guitarist of indie-rock trio Haim. She's referring to how her band, which includes sisters Este, 27 (bass and vocals), and Alana, 22 (guitar, keyboard, and vocals), has been consistently described in the fawning press since it was formed in 2007. "I get squeamish when people say that. Fleetwood Mac is one of the greatest bands out there! Let's start a little smaller, you know?" (Marie Claire Interview)

+TG'SS Top 5 Favorite HAIM Songs+

1. If I Could Change Your Mind

Day Are Gone. 2014

“I am a huge Beyoncé fan,” says a beaming Danielle, her speech – like her sisters’ – all Valley-girl inflection and, like, excitement. “I have been obsessed with her records – she has the best writers, the best producers. She kind of curates the best people to collaborate with.” Telegraph Interview
“People get weirded out by how close we are,” adds Danielle. “But it’s not weird to us. We’ve been doing this all our lives.” (Telegraph Interview)
"Touring with the likes of Rihanna, Florence + the Machine, Vampire Weekend, and Mumford & Sons. With infectious, up-tempo hooks and we're-your-besties stage charm, Haim (pronounced "high-im," same as the Hebrew word for "life") is well on its way to great-band status-especially if the fashion world has anything to do with it. The sisters have performed and DJ'ed at events for Chloé, Acne, and Topshop. "Every girl grows up reading the [fashion] magazines and wanting to wear these clothes," says Alana, on the phone from Auckland, New Zealand, where the group is playing St. Jerome's Laneway Festival. "Never in our wildest dreams would we think that we could own Givenchy. It's very surreal to have designers saying, 'We really love what you're doing and want to support you.' " (Marie Claire Interview)

2. Falling

Days Are Gone. 2013

"Their parents are estate agents, but it was a very musical household. Their mother sings and plays guitar, while their choices of musical instrument stem largely from their dad, a drummer in the Israeli army before he relocated to America." (Interview)
"I think I always though it was kind of cool [to play music with my parents]. Sometimes I would get embarrassed about song choices; when we were younger my parents would pick what songs we would cover and we would do Santanta. Now [that we have our own band] we don't do those songs." (Interview)
"The Haims grew up with a fashion-forward mother, Donna, who wore blue velvet Donna Karan jumpsuits and taught them guitar using Joni Mitchell's oeuvre, a favorite being "All I Want." ("I feel like every good mom should play her daughter Joni Mitchell at a young age," says Danielle.) L.A. radio was also a big musical influence on the group's album with its eclectic strains of '80s soft rock, R&B, hip-hop, and New Wave." ((Marie Claire Interview)

3. The Wire

Day Are Gone. 2013

“Touring is fun,” agrees Este, loudly (she’s most definitely Loud Haim). “I wouldn’t want to do anything else. We do a couple of months at a time, and we go home, and we chill and we hang out with our family, and we see our friends – and we do it again.”(Interview)
"Playing with my sisters has never felt like a job," says Este. "We love to travel and wanted to be able to do it together, and we were like, What's the most frugal way we could do that—oh, yeah, we'll just have a band! We'll basically sing for our supper." (Marie Claire Interview)

4. Don't Save Me
Days Are Gone. 2012

“Growing up, there were a lot of girl artists like the Spice Girls, Aaliyah and Destiny’s Child,” says Alana. “But none of them really played instruments and I would always look up to Stevie Nicks and Blondie – they are dope female musicians. So I just see us as a band. When people call us a girl band, I take it as an insult – being a girl in a band shouldn’t be a thing. It seems so medieval.” 
“What’s really funny about this 'overnight success’ is that we’ve been playing together for over 15 years,” says Danielle. “We’ve been in Haim for nearly six years. There was nothing going on for us. We were bottom of the bill at 50 capacity venues and no one would show up.” (Telegraph Interview)

5. My Song 5 ft. A$Ap Ferg

Days Are Gone. 2014

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