Fit. Of. The. Day
"Red Hot Chili Pepper" 

 Photo|| Thosegirlss
Model|| Stacy Mickey
Clothing Styled by|| Thosegirlss

Our "Red Hot Chili Pepper" fit is all about spiciness and features our vintage 80's Volver Windbreaker and vintage 80's Avanti black leather pencil skirt .  Add some color to your wardrobe this winter! In the words of Calvin Harris  "now I don't care what you dress like or what you wear.But please make sure baby, you've got some colours in there.Now it's all very well stepping out in black and white.But you're no girlfriend of mine if you're doing that right." 

GET THE LOOK!   Jacket|| Vintage 80's Volver cycling racing jacket windbreaker  is available in our closet for $40 and is a size large. Top|| Thrifted black bustier, find similar styles hereSkirt|| Vintage 80's black genuine leather pencil skirt is available in our closet for $35 and is a size vintage 14.  Shoes|| Find similar stilettos here! Belt|| Thrifted jaguar chain belt, find similar style here!  Accessories|| Thrifted.

Stay Spicy!


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