#WCW: Vintage Files!Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel X Gear
Vintage Files!
Who: Jessica Biel
Age: 17
When: March 2000
For:  Gear Magazine
Wearing only a pair of nude-colored boy shorts and her arm strategically placed over her breasts, actress Jessica Biel went from a preacher's daughter on 7th Heaven into a megababe "real quick" (drake voice)

Actor Stephen Collins, who played her father on the show, described the pictures as "child pornography". Whatever Stephen! We heard that he's wrapped up in a very ugly situation concerning child molestation.....ewwww. 
The spread quickly changed Biel's image at the time and allowed her to part ways from her wholesome image on the  show. Unfortunately, Biel has expressed regret over the raunchy spread in the past, speaking to Entertainment Weekly the actress said, "that photoshoot was just a really bad decision on my part and I got myself involved with people who weren't thinking about me and were instead thinking about what kind of a story they could get out of it. I learned a whole lot from the experience, so it was definitely a blessing in disguise." 

Is it bad that we still love it? Sorry Jessica!


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