TUNE.IN.TUESDAY: Childish Gambino

It's Childish…Gambino :)

Who: Childish Gambino
What: "Grindin My Whole Life" Freestyle
When: Sept. 8, 2014
Where: NYC, HOT97
Victim: The Game
OoooOooo boi. Tell us your thoughts in the comment box :)
His Steez Doe:
'' 'I get it. I'm wearing a grandma sweater,' he said during the interview. But I am also a black maleI still have to wear this grandma sweater when I go see my grandma in the Bronx. Who lives in a shitty neighborhood. [Where] my cousin just got shot and stabbed twice hustling there' " (via Complex)
Cover of Gambino's last album; Because of the Internet

(Styled by Olori Swank)
Good news babiess, toward the end of the interview, Gambino hinted that he may have a mixtape dropping within a few weeks :) Happy Tuesday!!! We love you Gambino.


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