Paris in the Fall

One of our top favorite "styles", definitely, has to be the "Parisian" style.  Though we've never been to Paris ourselves, the couture and street style there has and will always have us itching to get there as soon as our penny banks allow us :))

As much as we'd love to give you raw looks from the streets of Paris that we can claim we've captured, we will have to settle for some of our favorite looks seen on the streets of Paris over the past year.

"Blacked Out"
"Parisian women having a mild obsession with looking thin, black is their best friend." Oliver Magney
A "Dash" 
   of Pattern
It's rare. But when we see it, you know we just dieeee. Patterns and touch of color is our favorite :)
The "Bold Ones"
RED is seen on French women, but it's kept at a minimum. Often, the parisian woman will be seen with a red lip or a red dress on a monochromatic outfit. 
The "Minimalist"
"French actress and singer Emmanuelle Seigner said: 'American women are pulled together perfectly from the moment they wake up in the morning: perfect hair, varnished nails, high heels ... as if they were bound for a cocktail party or some red-carpet affair. French women don’t bother their heads so much." (
We just saw DENIM on the BLOG, and we aren't upset we're seeing it again. So rough but always classy….if done right of course ;) 

Stella rocking Stella
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