"I'm a human being before anything else." 

Quick Facts:
Birthplace: Bombai (Mumbai), Maharashtra, India
Birthday: October 18, 1984 (LIBRA)
Motto: "This industry is for fighters and those who do not give up! It is very important to believe in yourself. Even when a hundred people rejected me, I did not lose hope..."

the Red Carpet
 "and then it's 
the after party.."

"Slumdog Millionaire" (2008)
Freida was discovered in her debut film Slumdog Millionaire, that tells a story of dreams, hope and optimism. In the movie, she played the female lead Latika.
Slumdog is where their love began…Dev & Freida :)
"Immortals" (2011)
The Oracle
L'Oreal Privee
Freida Pinto 
A Collection that Exclusively features 6 custom-made lip colours to suit every skin tone to form the "definitive nude collection"
"This refi ned lavender nuance is perfect for emphasizing the delicacy of the amber

 complexion. For brunettes with amber complexions." (
Dev & 
Freida <3
Dev and Freida are by far one of our favorite "celebrity" couples. They are so sweet and in love and we can't get enough.
...and then Dev stole her from her, then, fiancé….GO DEV!!!! #teamDEV
The way they look at each other is priceless
Sorry boys, there's no way possible there could ever be a chance with the way he makes her smile :)) We love Dev & Freida together. They sure know how to make a girlss heart drizzle a little :)
Now…lets just stare at her some more!!! Enjoy, ladiess & gentss :)
"Anybody, anywhere in the world, all they want is to be free, to choose what they want to do without having someone tell them how to do it."

"I think even the most beautiful person looks stupid on Skype."

We really hope you enjoyed learning a little more about this beaut. We know we don't have to ask how your eyes are feeling :)) Look out for next weeks #wcw spotlight. You never know who it could be…could be YOU!! :))

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