Vintage Files! A Kimono Calendar,1976



A Kimono Calendar, 1976

Fabric by Issey Miyake. Sayoko Yamaguchi by Alao Yokogi

"Miyake’s unwavering approach to creation is the freedom to have ideas, unconstrained by any preexisting rules or framework, and to be able to make them realities through a tenacious process of research and experimentation. Miyake works in a manner that not only advances his own ideas but also cultivates skills in the people around him, constantly pushing both the tradition and the evolution of design." (

"His focus on clothing as design instead of fashion gained attention."  (

"From the outset, Miyake’s creative process has been based upon the concept of “one piece of cloth.” His process explores the fundamental relationship between the body, the cloth that covers it, and the space and room that is created between these elements, divesting itself of the labels of “East” or “West”. Miyake’s creative process begins by studying a single thread and creating his material. In the 1970s, Miyake joined with a number of collaborators, the result of which was the development of many new fabrics and ways by which to make things that incorporated traditional handcrafts wedded to the newest technology." (
"While making innovative improvements to the cutting-edge synthetic technologies of the time and incorporating them into his pieces, Miyake also visited historic production regions and excavated traditional techniques, such as dyeing and weaving, that were on the verge of extinction. "(

"He forged ahead with his work, bringing traditional methods back to life to respond to the demands of the times. Miyake established a working method of collaborating with manufacturers and artists, trying to adapt new products to the needs of a contemporary lifestyle.These collaborations and research attempts led to the development of his trademark concept, “ one piece of cloth.(

A kimono calendar, 1976. 

Fabrics || Issey Miyake
Photographs || Alao Yokogi
Commissioned and art directed by graphic designer Tadanori Yokoo
Model || Sayoko Yamaguchi

Hair & make-up || Kawabe Sachiko.

photo credit: MOTHER

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