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What's it like to be A$AP Rocky! If you ever asked yourself this question, then we gotcha covered. VICE’s music channel- Noisey has realeased a 5 part A$AP Rocky documentary called SVDDXNLY, with parts one, two and three available to view now. Side note! A$AP Rocky is defiantly one our favorite artist. Not only can he rap but he is relatable and humble, not to mention the man can dress too.

"Everybody should be able to enjoy their life, because you only live once. So I just want to get it all out there and be the best role model that I can be, if people want to put me in that kind of predicament. I mean, I didn't ask to be a role model, because I'm not perfect."-  A$AP Rocky

"I dress how I feel. I just go off emotion. I can't prepare my outfit a day before. Everything I wear is spontaneous." A$AP Rocky
 ""SVDDXNLY" chronicles the ascension of one of raps brightest young stars, A$AP Rocky. From home videos and interviews with friends and family, to the very first seminal moments of his career caught on tape, Rocky takes viewers behind the scenes into his life 
as he takes A$AP from Harlem, to the world." (Noisey)

PART I  - " I know i'm here for a purpose, that purpose is to create art, if i get recognition for it then it's a blessing, that's a plus."

"With contributions from his sister and mother, as well as prolific pop princess Rihanna, we get an idea of what Lord Flacko was like growing up – which was pretty damn similar to how he is now it would seem." (highsnobiety.com)

PART II - "Everybody  that I work with, I have to have an organic relationship with, you actually have to be my friend for me to work with you." 

"The second part of their five-part documentary which chronicles the ascension of A$AP Rocky, from home videos and interviews with friends and family, to the very first seminal moments of his career caught on tape. In part two we look around A$AP’s tour bus studio, hang out with Drake and Macklemore, and Rocky opens up about his late brother."  (highsnobiety.com)

PART III - "Always strive and prosper." 

"In this episode we find out about the genesis of the A$AP Mob, speaking with co-founders Yams and Bari about the humble beginnings of the crew. We also get a sneak peak inside A$AP Rocky’s LA crib, and he gives his thoughts on the rise of his pal A$AP Ferg."  (highsnobiety.com)

Check back next week for part IV!



PART IV- "Life is so good to be 24, to be doing what you love." 

"In part four Rocky hangs out with fashion icon Jeremy Scott, learns a "secret handshake" from Kathy Griffin, and receives some wisdom from Snoop Dogg himself." (highsnobiety.com)

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