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Ann-Marie Hoang

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Todays woman crush spotlight goes to Miss Hoang, Ann-Marie Hoang, that is.

Government Name: Anna -Marie Hong
AKA: Master of Disguise 
Occupation: Independent Wardrobe Stylist for Artisans Agency/ Fashion Enthusiast/Buyer and head-stylist for online retailer
Age: 25
Location: LA
Personal Style: "Grunge/ Tomboy Chic" (
 "I’ve been styling consistently for about 2 years now. My style originates from a game called “repeat for what”, where I try not to repeat any of my outfit choices."
 "Posting my personal outfits everyday does help my business. It helps people see what I am consistently capable of."
 "My style icon is Bianca Jagger! She is such a boss and her style is still relevant ALWAYS! Life experiences influences my style."
Fun Fact! "Hoang started out doing hair in high school and moved on to working at a salon.  She worked on photo shoots as a hairstylist which made her transition into wardrobe styling almost seamless." (
Hoang styles for L.A. labels such as shoe company Y.R.U. and jewelry brand Vida Kush.
Fashion Tip!  "Rather than importing cotton from Egypt to produce designs in China. Designers should send over patterns directly to Egypt; since the cotton is already there. This provides jobs for the people that need it most. Paying them fair rates and providing them with enough to sustain themselves as well as their families. This goes for any country that has an obscene amount of agriculture that is used in making garments. " 
"Style can change your entire mood. It can make you feel like a badass, or sexy, or whimsical, etc. I like to translate these feelings to my audience. Aside from editorial work, I chose to style individuals because I believe that everyone has style. I like to maximize the potential inner-badass in each individual that I work with. I love to see my clients discover who they really are stylistically. It is the most rewarding part of what I do."
"Ann-Marie’s favorite thing about styling is being able to create her own reality and seeing her own personal taste and what she likes on another person."
"My Uncle, Hau Nguyen, owner of Duc Duc Salon in Torrance taught me good work ethic. My hustle was recognized by Aban Sonia, Boss lady at Art."
"I flirt with everything fashion related. I don’t discriminate, but I like the dichotomy of mixing feminine and masculine pieces together. That’s the luxury of being a lady, we can pull off anything."

Native Runway

Meet Stylist Ann-Marie Hoang


Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." - Confucius

Vida Kush Jewelry Look book ft. Lil Debbie
Styled by Ann-Marie

Styled by Ann-Marie

July 2012 Lookbook


Interview with The Master of Disguise
The good people from whatthehellz caught up with Miss Hoang for a interview about her personal career and success. Read below for the full interview and get to know this beauty better. 

1. Brief Overview of who you are (personal background, professional background)
I’m a chameleon from the after future2. What inspires you as a stylist? How do you stay inspired?I’m inspired by the places I go to and people I meet.I stay inspired by roaming the streets and people watching.
3. Who is your style icon and why?Bianca Jagger..She exudes confidence in whatever she puts on.
4. If you had to choose one designer/label that you had to wear for the rest of your life, who would it be?Alexandre Vauthier5. Trend that you are feelin’ right now?SEXi BAE

6. Trend that you are sooooo over?
I appreciate ALL trends, they all come round full circle.

7. What makes you a bad ass Hellz Bellz girl?

8. Word of Advice to our Hellz Bellz baddies
Don’t be predictable.

9. Guilty Pleasure?
Donut ice cream sandwiches

10. What is currently on your playlist?
Tokimonsta: Realla

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*NOTE that ALL Photos Courtesy of Ann-Marie Hoang

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