TG's FAV 90's Girl Group:


The Original Girl Power Group
Name: Shampoo 
Members: Singers Jacqui Blake and Caroline "Carrie" Askew

Era Reign: 90's
Location: Plumstead in London
Known for: British all -girl band apar of the "Riot Girrl" music movement in the UK. 
Influences: Sex Pistols, Gary Numan and the Beastie Boy , East 17 and Take That

Style:  Popish girlishness with a punk edge. They where known for wearing colors, platinum blond straight hair, platform shoes tiaras, baby doll dresses, hear shaped sunglasses and cropped tops.
Fashion Favorites: "All things kitsch, plastic and pink." 

Jacqui Blake and Carrie Askew were teenage schoolfriends from the South London suburb of Plumstead when they first started.  They bonded over their love for music and "retreated into fandom and glamour as an escape from their mundane surroundings. They became known on the London scene for their peroxide punk babydoll kitsch look."(pussyrock)

-I Know What Boys Like-


Deadline magazine described them as a performance act looking for an outlet and made it clear that they'd designed themselves as a pop group.  The girls were always quite clear that they couldn't play instruments or write music but they knew what they wanted and how to get it.  In the same Deadline interview, Jacqui was quoted as saying, "If anyone's manufacturing us, it's ourselves.  We knew what we wanted and set out to meet the people who could help us create it --- a raw punky glamorous band."The girls also had a cameo appearance in the video for Little Baby Nothing . " (pussyrock)
-Little Baby Nothing-
 -Bouffant Headbutt-

"Shampoo signed to Food (a subsidary of EMI) and released 2 albums for them, this one and Shampoo or Nothing (which popularised the phrase Girl Power before the Spice Girls).  They released a 3rd album via the internet before splitting up.  Although they'd had only moderate success in the UK, they were one of the biggest selling acts in Japan and made more than enough money to retire on."  (pussyrock)

-Girl Power-
-Viva La Megababes-

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