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If you're a fan of the sounds of the late 80's and 90's electronic house music, then you'll defiantly fall in love with the electronic sounds from English brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence of Disclosure. 

- Disclosure's 9 Fun Facts Interview with 99 Scenes - 

Their debut ablum Settle, released June 2, 2013 under PMR, was nominated for Best Dance/Electronica Album at the 2014 Grammy Awards alongside Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, Kaskade and Pretty Lights.  "For British fans, Disclosure's music has retro appeal, "for people who lived through 2-step and garage". Not for Americans, though. "No, that music never made it to America 'til now. Also, the people Disclosure are hitting were born in the late 80s and early 90s. For them, dance culture is new: the collective euphoria, losing their minds in a field with their friends. A lot of them have never experienced the rumble of UK garage." (the guardianTurn up the volume and latch onto some of our favorite Disclosure tunes. 

1. Latch feat. Sam Smith

Check out Sam Smith's soulful acoustic version of latched.  "I was just playing around in the studio and I do it with all my songs because Jimmy (the guy I write with), he's amazing and we always just mess around and you know just sing the song through and we did 'Latch' and it just sounded beautiful. I just thought it was a lovely touch, especially after the 'Lay Me Down' video, I thought it was nice to bring an acoustic version of each." (thefourohfive)

2."When A Fire Starts To Burn"

3. "Work It Out"- ft. Q-Tip

4. "F For You" ft. Mary J. Blige

5. "You and Me" ft. Eliza Doolittle

-Disclosure's Interview with Fader Magazine -

Can't get enough? Listen to more - Click Here.

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