man CANDY mondayz

We Respect Your Craft & Your Hustle 
1) Idris Elba
Lawdy Lawdy have mercy. This man stays on our favorites lists. Not to mention he's amazing in the two, soon to be three, series of Luther. Watching it will make you more infatuated. It's inevitable.
2) David Bowie

How can his outspoken music, fashion sense and big personality not make you drool. Oh and he's all about Power to the Swirl with his beaut, Imani. Ohhhh Bowie :)
3) Dr. Dre
After the Billion $$$ deal with Apple for "Beats by Dre", what more can you say. We respect your intelligence and Hustle Dre! 
4) Brad Pitt 
Being a loving husband, successful businessman, and fellow entrepreneur…now that's SEXY.
5) Childish Gambino 
Smart, funny, and actually a decent rapper. Childish is our shit!!! We got to see him at the Hangout Music Festival this year and he was amazing. A man who doesn't stunt for his fans can be our man candy every monday!!

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