Who said hair wasn't fashion?! Hmphh! If you ask us, it's just as important as every accessory you add to your outfit! With that important fact out of the way, today we want to give the warmest yet loudest SHOUTOUT to our Fro Babies out there. 

Each year we see more and more women embracing their natural locks; from kinky, curly, wavy, bone straight to coily. By both of us being apart of this percentage of women, we know just how hard and brave one had to be to finally look in the mirror and accept their face, hair, texture, pain that would accompany having to get used to your hair….WE GET IT!!!! And, for that we SALUTE you gyal's!!!

Here are just a few of our FAVORITE FRO's bouncing around :)

1) Angela Davis aka The QUEEN of the PERFECT FRO
2) Elle Varner aka "New School"
 3) Diana Ross aka DISCO FRO
 4) Solange Knowles
 5) Erykah Badu aka Miss AfroFUNK
 6) Alexandra Elle (IG: @alex_elle )

7) SZA 

8) Pam Grier

9. Jimmy Hendrix

10. Sly from Sly and The Family Stone 

11. Cleopatra Jones

12. Dr. J

13. Andre 3000

14. Afro Samurai 

15.  Huey 

16. Jim Kelly

Beautifullllllll, right?! Which FRO was your favorite? Do you have a fro you want to show off or even become one of our favorites?! TAG #tgfavfros on Instagram & Facebook!!!

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