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Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle)
PSA! Cheaters and Scrubs.... hide your Jordans, hide your chains and hide your car because Jhené fans are taking notesMaybe next time he'll think before he cheats.

 "Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle)"  was premiered exclusively by Complex and directed by Topshelf Jr. The track was produced by No I.D. and is story about Jhené's personal stories about relationships, infidelity, and growing from her past.

"On “Comfort Inn Ending” Jhene unleashes a stream of consciousness confessional touching on everything from past lovers to her brother’s death. “I didn’t write anything down,” she explains. “I just went in the booth and told this story. I just really wanted it to be super raw and say whatever came to my mind.” According to the Def Jam diva, the sprawling track is a taste of what’s to come on her much-anticipated debut LP Souled Out. “I would say that ‘Comfort Inn Ending is a good sneak peak into what the album will sound like,” she reveals. “The sound is different in the sense that the music is more intricate and there are live instruments. I feel like everything is on another level. It’s deeper.” (Idolator

"Comfort Inn Ending"
One, two, one two…

Thought I told you not to trust these hoes

Say they love you, and you know they don’t

Say they will, but shit, you know they won’t
Yeah, you hear me, but you don’t feel me, though
And you are not the only one
You are not the only one…
You are not the only one…
You are not the only one…
Okay, fuck it, it was dumb when they dated
David, Brayden, all of them did the same to you
Marquis and Sean and Bryan
All of them had they way with you
Ever so often you get lost and miss out on everything
Shout-out to Crissy
That’s my bitch ’cause she tells me everything
And I was not the only one
I was not the only one to you…
So I was the only lonely one…
Baby, we had the perfect end…
That night we shared at the Comfort Inn…
We made love like the world would have ended…
If either of us hadn’t made it..
We were in love…
But I was the only one…
So I was the only lonely one

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"Comfort Inn Ending" 

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