That's Our Jam! Sky Ferreira

That's Our Jam!

Our Favorite Sky Ferreira Songs

We were first seduced by Sky's moody electropop sound with the release of her 2011 EP As If  with Capitol Records. Her music is not only fun and catchy but more importantly its relatable and Madonna - esque. 

                                                                                                         (Images from V Magazine X  Sky Ferreira ; Madonna Shot

SEX RULES (the lead single off As If) 

"Ferreira is well aware of her reputation as a hipster socialite, an imperiously cool It Girl with a team of image counselors behind her who hangs out exclusively with other arty, beautiful people. She’s a Calvin Klein model who counts Terry Richardson as a close friend." (The Fader; Issue 87)

"You're Not The One"

“I’m trying to keep myself together, to keep myself sane through all of this, but there are
moments when I am completely losing my mind.”  (The Fader; Issue 87)

"Everything Is Embarrassing"  

"In her early teens, Ferreira began posting to YouTube videos of herself covering pop songs in her bedroom. Eventually, the clips attracted the attention of Capitol Records, who gave her a deal. The plan was to turn the singer into “a Myspace version of the girl next door,” she says. “They wanted the new American pop princess—someone who was naughty but, like, grinning.” Ferreira bucked. “I was like, I’m not going to go along with this,” she recalls. “I knew it was making people really angry and I was torturing myself but I didn’t want to be trapped. And I wasn’t scared to tell these grown men record executives, like, fuck off. They don’t like being told that by a girl in braces.” (The Fader; Issue 87)

"Lost In My Bedroom" 

Can't get enough of Sky Ferreira's electric vibes? Check out her soundcloud and her recent  interview with The New York Times .

 What's in my Bag? 

Sky Ferreira Interview.  

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