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Well happy happy Friday folks!!! It is indeed a very happy Friday afternoon for us :). If you have yet to hear the amazing news, keep reading! Yes, the title for the post is true, Prince is back! He just announced that a NEW Prince album, the 30th Anniversary Purple Rain reissue, will be released after signing on partnership with Warner Bros. Records.

"A brand-new studio album is on the way and both Warner Bros. Records and Eye are quite pleased with the results of the negotiations and look forward to a fruitful working relationship," Prince stated in a news release.

Recently, Prince has been playing with an all-female power trio called 3RDEYEGIRL, occasionally posting videos through the group's YouTube channel & website. Check some of their performances out below!
A new album, a deluxe reissue of Purple Rain and more unheard music: That's what Prince fans can expect from his new global licensing deal with Warner Bros. Records.
Prince just does not stop making us infatuated with his "coolness". You all know how much we love the show New Girl (if not, well there it is!), and on season 3 episode 14, it got real when the, none other, Prince pops up on the screen. We dieee. This man! This man!!! Check out the scene where Nick and Jess first meet Prince :)

Oh and while you're in the video watching mood, go ahead and check out Prince's more recent interview with Arsenio Hall, you won't be disappointed. From why he doesn't have a cell phone and staying true to yourself, your art and your worth, Prince drops it all on Arsenio.
Ahhh we are just so in love with this man. His album will definitely be getting purchased in two months!!! Oh and 3RDEYEGIRL is fireeeee, extra kudos.We adore you Prince. 

Make sure to FOLLOW Prince on his IG: @princetagram and Twitter: @3RDEYEGIRL 

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