FUN FACTS: Three B.A.P.S. bless ESSENCE's May Issue

Happy Fridayyy beauts (& gents :))!!!
As some of you have already heard or even read, ESSENCE Magazine released their May 2014 Issue and it is a must buy! Not only is there one amazing woman blessing this next months cover, all three; Solange, Erykah Badu and Ledisi are all the faces on May's Issue. 

"At ESSENCE, we're all about celebrating individual beauty, and that's exactly what comes to mind with the three women gracing the cover of our May issue: Erykah Badu, Ledisi and Solange. Each of these artists have captivated audiences not only with their songs, but also with their style and beauty. And for each of them, it's always about self-expression." (
"Motherhood is such an evolving journey. You start off with this life in your hand…You find that the older your children get and they become who they are, you have to really shape your morals and values around that personality that has come into itself…"
Erykah Badu
"Beauty is your smile, your smell, the intent of your words, courage, your resilience, they way you resolve conflict, ya know, beauty can be measure in all of those things"

"You know, as woman, I'm not as much a feminist as I am a humanist. It always makes me feel really good when someones uses their platform to inspire others. Little small acts of beauty and courage are like sparks on a hot cold, it really spreads far…if you have the courage to be beautiful, the courage to be yourself"
"When you radiate love your eyes smile. What if you couldn't afford the clothes that you have on and all you had was your eyes and your smile to express to someone. That's what they're going to be looking at….that's what they're always going to be looking at."

"I love Solange, a lot. She's always brave and fearless! She wears prints and colors and things!"

"I can relate to being different and not being excepted because you're being different. And that feeling of being different is beautiful, you're being just who you are."

Have any if our girls read Essence's May Issue yet?? If so, let us know what you thought of the spread and interviews?! If you haven't, GO BUY it now! lol. Don't forget to check out the video interviews above!!!

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