Tune In Tuesday: Iman Omari

Iman Omari
Good afternoon Beauts & Gents!
"Every morning I wake up and know I’m making music that is relevant opposed to doing some selfish shit and making music that is consistent with whatever time we’re in presently" (Iman Omari)

In 2011 many of us were stuck on artists such as Lil Wayne and Lady Gaga. All the whilst we had no idea a, spiritually connected, musical mastermind was beginning his journey to…now.

As infatuated and inspired as we are by one of our favorites, Solange Knowles, we, of course are in love with her entire compilation album, Saint Heron. >> to song #5.
Saint Heron
In a relaxing, music based, trance;  Iman Omari Energy took us over the edge and into the best and most peaceful distillery cafe on the west coast.

"I only see one thing
In this world that I need
No war coming from me
Just want the love's chemistry
Good vibes and energy
Is all I feel surrounding
If it's not on your level
Then why don't you just let it be"

"How would you describe your music?  My music is full of colour and vibration. Music that you can feel and hear." (http://potholesinmyblog.com)
It's beautiful to see artists like Iman who want to create music and art that have more than a "hot beat", more than "commercial"; he brings a sense of "life" back and vibrates our "senses" through his craft. 
"Walk us through what goes through your head during production process? I create based on how my day feels. Whatever emotion I feel at the moment will come out in the track. It's like musical documentation of my life. Different songs tell a different story. " (http://potholesinmyblog.com)
We hope to and can't wait to one day cross paths and collaborate with Mister Omari!!
To ALL of our West Coast babies, IF you want to have a beautiful and dope time THIS SATURDAY, MARCH 29th, make sure to check out Iman and several other great artists at one of Hip Hop's greatest events, Block Party Los Angeles hosted by a great friend; Miss Ashley Glaspie and A.Glaspie Marketing. We are so excited for this event and wish we could be there! But trust, we will be tuning in!!!! 

For more information about Block Party Los Angeles go to event website www.blockpartyla.net

Have fun!!!


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