Sample Sunday: Flight Facilities

Sample Sunday- Our Favorite Sampled Songs by Flight Facilities

We first fell in love with Australian DJ Duo Flight Facilities a couple of summers ago with the release of their song Crave You featuring Australian singer Giselle. Hooked by their catchy, funky and flirty beats they provided a unique and refreshing sound to the electronic genre. Like Daft Punk this modern- day disco duo brings back the popular sounds from "back in the day", sampling various funk and soul artists in some of their music. To listen more visit their sound cloud page Flight Facilities

Flight Facilities ft Australian Singer Giselle- Crave You 

The Sample- Harold Melvin & The Blue Note - The Love I Lost, 1973 
In an article by Stoney Road, Flight Facilities had this to say about their use of samples in their music. "Flight Facilities “Crave You” was one of the biggest underground success stories of the summer, gaining radio airplay and noterierity far outside of the scene. A recent discovery of the quintessential organ line of the track as a part of rhodes disco sample pack let me and the fans of the group down. However upon closer scrutiny. it’s clear the group have done little that Daft Punk haven’t. Though the chord sequence is derived from the sample, the beat, vocals, and bass are all the work of Flight Facilities themselves. The groove comprised of conga’s and tom’s are essential elements of the dance number, and would be just as funky on their own. Furthermore the group’s musical and production skill is showcased by the irresistible semi-distorted bassline which picks up halfway through. Many people identify with the track due to it’s catchy and honest vocals, which most definitely is the work of the group and super-model Giselle. In short Flight Facilities have appropriated a sample into their own production, given it new life, and created a massive hit. This is a classic example of sampling done correctly and to very powerful effect.  As fans of a particular artist we may be disappointed that they haven’t created everything they claim as their own but the truth of the manner is that making a sample work is almost as complicated as creating it yourself."  Read the whole article here

Flight Facilities ft. Jess - Foreign Language 

* Fun Fact -  Flight Facilities have also produced official remixes for Cut Copy, Foals and Holy Ghost! 

Flight Facilities ft  Australian singer Elizabeth Rose - I Didn't Believe  

The Sample - Ramona Brooks - I Don't Want You Back , 1980 


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