Morning Creeps,
You've been hacked!!!

Hackschooling??? Exactly! The first thoughts to probably come to mind are "huh, what you talking bout Willis?". Just take a little time to watch and listen to 13 year old Logan LaPlante talk about, exactly, what "Hackschooling" is in the video below!!

"When I grow up I want to be happy. I want to continue to be happy like I am now" Logan explains when constantly asked what he wants to be when he grows up.

"I've gained a spiritual connection to nature that i never knew existed" Logan explains about his connection to his classes involving the outdoors and nature. 

Such a small young man has such great wisdom ALREADY. He may be young but he's realistic and speaks the truth. I hope you took time to watch his presentation on "Hackschooling". You may just take a little more than information about a home schooling system than you think!

Check out young LaPlante, he's great!!! Let make education fun! Lets be happy to learn, live and be healthy and happy again, no matter what stage in life you are!

Hope you enjoyed beautiful people!


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