It's woman crush Wednesday and we've been crushing hard on 80's babe Denise Matthews, better known as Vanity from Vanity 6.

 Vanity 6 was a trio of three honey dips (Vanity, Brenda Bennett and Susan Moonsie) discovered by Prince in the early 80s 

The group was originally to be called "The Hookers" and Vanity was not an original member, replacing Jamie Shoop, Prince's personal assistant.

Not only is Denise a beauty but she is the ideal image of confidence.

Watching interviews and her performances she seems flawless in her own skin. This boytch is bad.

If you want to know more about Denise check out her book "Blame It On Vanity". In it she talks about the abuse she suffered as a child from her father, her days as a pop star and her relationship with Prince. Denise has been through so much, recovered from drugs and alcohol she is a born again Christian, after her excessive abuse of smoking crack which caused her kidneys to fail putting her on life support. Nasty Girl or Christan Girl, Denise will forever be our lead girl...... sorry Appollonia.

 Fun Fact :: How did Denise get her stage name ? There are two rumors, one - Prince originally wanted her stage name to be Vagina" to be pronounced "/vaginÉ‘/". Denise declined coming up with Vanity instead. Second - Prince said that looking at Vanity was like looking in a mirror at the female version of himself.

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