New years resolutions are pointless, don't get us wrong, we think it's great that people want to resolve whatever situation they might be in, but you don't need a new year to change yourself. We should always strive as humans to better ourselves. After all, change is a part of the human experience. One thing that we do instead of making resolutions is to meditate and reflect on our experiences from our past in order to find a realization about ourselves. From our own reflections about this past year, we realized that we need be more responsible and aware about what goes in our bodies. We want to be healthy, clean and free. One way that we are challenging ourselves to do this, is by saying bye to high calorie drinks and yes to water! The human body is made up of 75% of water. We need water, we crave it, we are water. So why don't we drink more of it? We are challenging ourselves to drink a gallon a day and we challenge you to join us! If you find it difficult to drink water, especially tap water you can add flavor to it by adding fresh slices of fruit or by adding water flavor drops like Mio. 

Here are 6 Reasons you should up your water game:

1.Healthier Hair! Not only does water hydrate your body, but it can also hydrate your hair. Drinking water helps your body to increase cell turnover and carry essential vitamins to your the root of hair. So by drinking more water, you should find your hair to be softer and shinier from your inner hydration. Also, washing your hair with cold water helps to make it glossier from the cold temperature constricting the cuticle layers of your hair, leaving it flatter and smoother. 


2. Lose Weight! There are so many extra calories that are consumed each day by drinking high sugared drinks. Replace those drinks with water and you will lose that extra weight. 

3. Fix your skin issue! Most  skin issues like acne and acne scars will decrease, if not disappear.

4. Help your Hangover! Drinking water helps to hydrate your body after drinking alcohol dehydrates it. Drinking water also helps with those killer headaches.  

5.  Get rid of those puffy eyes! Splashing cold water on your face not only wakes you up but it also helps with the reduction of under-eye inflammation. Leaving you look like a beauty queen. 

6. Fight Wrinkles! Splashing your face with cold water helps to tighten your face. To use this method drench your wash cloth with warm water, then lay the cloth over your face for a minute. Then wash your face with your favorite face cleanser, ours is African Black Soap, and then rinse off the soap with warm water. Lastly, splash your face with cold water about 10 times. 

Don't waste your money on harsh skin cleansers and try our water challenge with us. You wont regret it, and you can never drink too much water. The only downside is that you might be visiting the powder room more often, but it's all worth it.

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