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Baby Baby Baby
Make The Girl Dance

I want to fuck on the commode. I want Tellier on my Ipod. I want your Mom’s Black Amex. I want your Dad's car.
I want to go out with your mates. I will wear my cutest panties.
I want a hot sex session. You can look but you can’t touch.
I want to be a Justice  top friend - Gaspard's hand on my thigh.
I want to be able to count without my fingers. And I want yours in the right spot.
I don’t want to go up the stairs. That's perfect - you're going to carry me.
I want to be the only person in photos. And I want to model for  Laurent.
I want gifted children. And I want my dog to have a degree.
I want your head on a platter. I want mine to be on Denisot. 
I don't want any cake. I just want Coke.
I don't want Kate, I want Ethan Hawke.
I want to jump off of a big ladder. Do as you can for the rainbow.
I want chocolate and vanilla flavored ice cream. I want your balls to be blueberry flavored.
I want to dance like Vanessa. I want to see  her guy at Ibiza.
I want to be asleep when you wake up. And I want Yelle's t-shirt.
I want to fit all my jeans. And I want you to come home with your pay check.
I want ice cubes in my glass. I want to give your grandma a shotty.
I saw your ex - you know she's dumb. Tell her I found her boots.
I don't want a pip in my cherry. I want you to straighten the Tower of Pisa.
I want to cum in a Deux Chevaux. And I'll do it behind your back.

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