Happy Friday Beautiful People!!!

Hope everyone had a great week and is ready for an even better weekend :). Here are a few of my favorite video clips I ran across today! Enjoy!!!

If you are blessed enough to share your life with a mini version of yourself, take every moment in and strive to create as many with them as you can. Live in Love always.

The cool thing about days is that if you're lucky enough, you get one back to back! Back to back days you can love yourself a little more each day; whether that mean doing what makes you smile and laugh, what makes you feel beautiful on both the out and inside, doing what makes you feel healthy and alive.

Each day you get is a gift. One day those gifts will run out.

What will you feel like when you accept that final gift? What will your should feel like when you exit your vessel? I know I want to feel pure love and pure eternal happiness. I want to know my purpose here, for me personally and as a body in this world, and to know I've fulfilled it.

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