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We are pleased to share our first, but not our last, fashion video. To us fashion is all forms of art. Fashion is style, fashion is music, fashion is poetry, fashion is expression and fashion is passion. This why it only made sense to us to try something new. We wanted to use this video to bring our clothing to life, to bring you deeper into our world, the vintage life. 


 TAKE ME BACK! A Night in the 80s

                                            Shot and Edited by Robert Woodward
Additional Camera : David James

Huda Alawi
Stacey Mickey
Michelle Rice

Isabella Shenashang

Styled and Directed by TMVintage
Asia Lindsay
Jade Beason
Music Produced and Engineered by peace and Derek Hyams
Clothing provided by : TMVintage and Downtown Vintage

"Take Me Back!" A Night in the 80s was shot downtown in Cincinnati, Ohio and at Vintage Boutique, Downtown Vintage. We drew outfit inspirations form popular figures from the 80's such as Madonna, Tiffany, Cyndi Lauper and Denise Matthews.  Below are some of our favorite stills. Our girls did it, and we're so lucky that we have friends who are not only beautiful on the outside but the inside as well. We are fortunate to be collaborated with a team of people who believe in us and want to see us succeed. Most of the clothing used in video is vintage and some of the outfits are still available on our website site  tmvintage.org.

Take Me Back! Video Stills

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