If Your In A Shell..

If your in a shell , is a narrated story about a man named Henry, who was "painstakingly" shy as a boy. Throughout this narration Henry expresses his feelings through interpretative  dance and art. For anyone that might feel that they are shy and want overcome that shyness, this video will definitely inspire you to do so. One way of overcoming shyness is to find an outlet that will allow you to leave your shell.  For Henry, it is acting and dance. For us it is mainly fashion. Fashion has always been something that we use as a medium in voicing our personalities, attitudes and beliefs. Through fashion you can find the freedom of being who ever you want to be, in creating characters through your style, and in being yourself. If you are shy, then try to use your style as a way of expressing yourself, let your style be the words that you cant find, let it be your courage, let it help the world see you. 

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