MICA x MILA: A Mommy & Her Baby Girl

Happy Tuesday Beauts.

ART is LIFE & LIFE is ART.  Artist, Mica Angela Hendricks and her baby girl, Mila have proven this statement as true as it can get.

Source: busymockingbird.com
"Mica claims that her amazing artistic experiences with her daughter have taught her a lot about being an artist, and that you have to let go of control for wonderful things to happen" - Unknown (distractify.com). It's so funny how people are shocked when something so "perfected" and something so "childish" are joined that it comes out to be a masterpiece. Don't you remember how pure your mind and creativity was when you were a child? Your mind wasn't restricted and filled with past memories and future motivations, it was open to the world and the natural beauty in front of your eyes…we were open to LIFE

Source: busymockingbird.com

For weeks we've been talking about finding ways to connect with that open mind we remember having 
when we were little ladies in order to make our work more open and pure but also developed. 
Discovering MICA x MILA's work has definitely inspired us in our recent creative thought process for 
TMVintage. Mommy and Daughter time like this is rare and we just want to showcase not only TWO 
beautiful artists, but a beautiful Mother who's not only telling or showing her daughter how to live her 
dream but sharing hers and allowing her daughter to "finish" the dream she started.

Pure beauty, right? These pieces are amazing and the story behind them makes them even more breath taking. You are truly an inspiration for us as artists and as future mothers. We salute you Mommy Mica!!! 

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect

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