Go Go Sandy

                                           Go - Go Sandy  

For anyone who knows us, knows that the 1960s is one our favorite decades and that the era strongly influences  our style. One of them being , the GO- GO Look and of course with look comes the attitude. Go Go dancers were the original twerk masters.  These girls are such idols to us, because not only could they move but they did it in style. 

The term  Go Go comes from the saying "go-go-go" which  describes a high energy person, so its no surprise when we say that Go Go dancing is a a great form of exercise and expression.

One of our favorite Go Go Idols is Miss Sandy Sarjeant's. We couldn't find much information on her, which is bummer since she is so captivating.  She appeared and disappeared, lucky there are some videos that captured her grace, style and sex appeal.  Hopefully, one day there will be a documentary made about her, if not we will make one  :) .

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