Float like a Butterfly, Twerrrkkkkkk like "Bee"


First and foremost, SHOUTOUT to one of our favorite BAPs and Q.U.E.E.N.s "Bee" aka Beyonce. When it comes to "twerkin" that thang, Mrs. Carter is the QUEEN. Dating all the way back to "Bootylicious" with Destiny's Child, B has shown us just how bad she is when it comes to working those hips.

During an interview with Daily Co.'s, Jody Thompson, Beyonce explains that "'It's all about the benefits of healthy eating and exercise and what we want to do is make it fun by doing something we all like to do and that's dance."
(The star revamped her track Get Me Bodied from her 2006 album B'Day for the scheme.)

We, TMVintage, do a post every tuesday, aka "Twerk Tuesday", to show how "twerking" is utilized in a positive light. Being that she knows she is an Icon across the world, Beyonce has taken the responsibility for children's health across the world. 

Nowwww.....watch her werkkkkkkkkkk!!!!! Werkk Bee Bee Werkk Bee Bee Werkkk.

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